Alpha Male EX Specification

If you are suffering from any sexual problem, you can read my review and try considering using a product called Alpha Male EX.

Don’t do anything just by hearing the name ‘supplement’. Trust me and read my review for a few minutes and you will know why I am obsessing over this product.

I was going through a very hard time. I am a male of 42 years of age and at this age, my sex life was down the gutter. I couldn’t understand all of this and I very well knew that I wasn’t getting into andropause. I mean how could I. it was a little early for me to be heading there and thought of asking a friend.

He told me the problem and suggested the supplement to me. You can also use the supplement and if you want a little more, go through my article and you will know all about it.

A concise summary of Alpha Male EX…

Alpha Male EX is a potent product and very effective one at that. This supplement comes in the form of a pill that you will have to take it as recommended on the back of the pack.

The ingredients added to the product have been chosen will diligently and conscientiously. The makers wanted to cover all the areas of sexual problems and thus added a few for each one of your problems. That does not mean they have just thrown few things together and are calling it a supplement. No, the thing is that they have a few ingredients for every of your problem and all the ingredients synchronize with each other.

This combination will make sure all your problems are dealt with. Whatever is your situation, you can trust the product to handle it.

Let’s talk about the working of Alpha Male EX…

What the product will do is just increase the level of testosterone in your body. T is a steroid hormone that is responsible for the height, the thickness of your voice, the sex drive and the erection that you get, it all depends on the level of T in your body.

When men age, the level of T decreases automatically but decrease has sped up and is being seen in younger men because of the substance abuse. You should stop doing that and you will feel the changes. Now, if you want to speed up the results, use the product and you will have your sex life back before you know it.

The product works on 2 levels. The first step is to increase the level of T in the body. This will tackle almost half of your problems. There are ingredients that will increase the production and secretion of T by stimulating the testosterone producing glands. In the second step, it will increase the blood flow in the body which will make sure the sex become explosive.

Ingredients used in Alpha Male EX

• Boron

Boron is a really an important ingredient because it is vital when it comes to increasing the level of testosterone in the body. Though this one, alone, won’t increase the level of T it is going to put in a substantial amount of effort. But only 3 mg/day of boron intake is suggested and the product provides you approx 2.5 mg of boron per day.

• Sasparilla

Sasparilla also increases the level of T in the body and has been in use in a lot of such supplements. But the difference is the amount. This product contains just the amount to help you get rid if the problems without having any side-effects. It also purifies blood and that increases the flow of blood in the body which makes it user you have a good erection.

• Tongkat Ali

TA is a herb that is mainly found in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The herb has been used to treat male infertility and has used for a long time. That is the reason for adding it to the product. Tongkat Ali is also beneficial because it increases muscle mass as well. So you can have good sex and a good body, just with a single product.

• Orchic

Orchic is something extracted from a young bull’s testicles. Orchic increases virility and promotes healthy metabolism. It doesn’t only take care of your sexual health but also ensures your overall health is kept in check.

• MACA root

MACA root is an amazing libido enhancer. The blood flow that this root will increase will give you a strong erection.

• Asian Ginseng

Asian Ginseng affects physical and mental activity. It enhances your sex glands which mean you’ll be able to feel sensation in the earlier numb area. That means you will be able to feel each and every sensation, even more than before now that your blood flow in the penile region has increased.

• L-Arginine

L-Arginine is an amino acid which is found in our body. Because of this amino acid, blood flows in your genital area which means you’ll be able to feel a whole lot of sensation there. It also facilitated the production of nitric acid, which increases the blood flow and reduces fatigue.

• Damiana

It is a wild shrub that can be used as an aphrodisiac and is used as a sex inducing ingredient. Your sex drive will be back and everything will fall back in place.

Cons and Precautions

1. Alpha Male EX will not cure any diseases

2. Do not buy from any retail stores

3. Check the expiration before usage

4. Use the product as recommended

5. Keep the product out of the reach of kids

6. Check the package for any tampering

7. Do not, in any circumstances overdose on the product

Featured in media…

I came to know about Alpha Male EX when I saw the advertisement on CNN. It made me believe the product because when a company advertises its product, it is a sign of security and genuinely. The product received a lot of appreciation from CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, Huffington Post, and even Men’s Health.
This makes the product safe as well because it has been tried and tested before launching in the market.

You can buy Alpha Male EX here…

You can buy the product from the brand’s official website. You can do that by clicking on the image I have attached with my review. Actually, I have done this because a lot of fake products are being sold in the name of this supplement. You will have to fill up a form and make the payment to avail the product. You will get the product in about 4-5 business days.

You can also get a trial pack which is not much because you will be allowed to use it for a few days. But that can tell you the product suits you or not and that too, free of cost. You can get the trial pack and use it for a few days. Pay for it if you like it and return it if you don’t. It’s as simple as that.


I didn’t enjoy my life. See, I know a physical relationship is not everything but not being able to get physical because there is something wrong with me, is just not acceptable. I couldn’t keep up and my girlfriend was disappointed. Though she never said it, but I knew her problem and not being able to satisfy her was my problem.

With this product, I was able to throw all my problems. It actually increased the level of testosterone in the body because I could once again have a strong hard-on and was also able to hold off to the orgasm.

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