DermaFolia – First Read Side Effects, 100% Results & Trial Benefits

DermaFolia Overview

Sometimes your skin needs special and extra pampering and you owe yourself that. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and I won’t say the most important but it is equally important. It deserves proper care and is your duty to look after it. You do not realize it now but you will look at yourself in the mirror and the person looking back at you will be unrecognizable with an unkempt body and wrecked face.

derma folia realized it early and started working on making my skin better. I heard these passing comments my colleagues loved to make but never paid any mind to them. But at some point, I realized that I did look older than I actually am. I decided to use something on my face. I am totally averted to creams and such ’cause I am more of a DIY kind of a person.

But at this juncture, I didn’t have enough time to whip up some mud and clay face pack. I had to use a cream and I decided to use DermaFolia as I heard a friend speak highly of this particular product. You can read my review if you want to buy this product and want something solid and convincing about skin.

What is DermaFolia?

DermaFolia is not a new product as it has been in the market for some time but I wasn’t aware of it. The word of mouth made me aware of this product and I researched about it myself to know whether this cream is effective or not.

What I found about this cream was the use if its ingredients. It was written that they have used 100% natural extracts basically plant extracts. I think a product that claims rather boldly to have used plants is trustworthy, according to me. I wanted to use a cream without any chemicals and DermaFolia was it for me. There are a few other things I’ll mention further in the review you are surely going to like.

How does DermaFolia work?

There is nothing exceptional to its working as you apply it onto the skin and it works like any other cream present in the market.

Now you’d think what is the catch?

The catch is the extra addition of collagen, peptides, and antioxidants. I know every other cream has that but this product has these extracted from the mother nature. You are surely going to love it.

The peptides will rebuild your skin as our skin breaks out when a number of peptides start to dwindle. It also prompts the cells to secrete collagen.

Collagen keeps your skin firm and tight. It maintains the elasticity and the collagen in this cream will do all the above. It also was highlighted that the cream contains collagen molecules big enough to fit into the pores. The pores will be stuffed with collagen particles and will have no room left for another toxic material to fit in there. This will make sure your skin look healthy and rested.

The anti-oxidants will try their fullest to take out all the oxidants it can. These oxidants are really harmful and you should try to stay away from them as much as possible that means to eat healthily and not the junk you keep on inhaling.


Lightens up the wrinkles and fine lines
The presence of wrinkles and fine lines looks bad and it makes you look older. They make skin look unhealthy too and it appears you do not take care of your skin at all. It will surely lighten up the wrinkles and fine lines as the ingredients are perfectly capable of removing these aging signs. An ingredient called Argireline that stymies the muscle activity. What this ingredient does is hamper the muscle activity that results in a smoother looking face because the existing lines will be lightened and there won’t be further lines or wrinkles, thanks to Argireline.

Enhances hydration and moisturization:

This step is a prerequisite when it comes to skincare at any age. Dry face results in lines and I personally find to white flakes on a dry face rather icky. You should never forget to moisturize your face. I will not shove this cream down your throat and you can use any moisturizer you want. But you will not have to because this cream provides excellent moisturization because of various essential oils present in this cream and the main being sweet almond oil.

These oils will not behave on your skin and they will provide and lock in the moisture of your skin. Your skin is going to cry with happiness. Trust me!!!


Diminishes dark circles and pigmentation

You must have seen people having dark spots in their face. You must have some of your own. These dark spots and even the dark patches under the eyes are just dry cells that have accumulated and they darken due to exposure to sunlight. But this is the case if you are resting and sleeping properly. Is the case is otherwise, I suggest you sleep properly and drink lots of water.

This cream will work in that case as well but the above 2 steps will speed up the process. The pigmentation will clear like you dreamed of having it on your face. You will have to increase the usage for approx 90 days if you want to get rid of all your skin problems.

Eliminates free radicals
These are famously known as oxidants and they are countered by our favorite word of the decade – antioxidants. I know everyone keeps speaking of this but it is because this is a severe problem these days. The pollution or junk food or near about everything keeps on filling our body with oxidants and it is really important to counter the effects. That is why anti-oxidants has been added to DermaFolia. The makers do not want to leave any stone unturned and are trying their best to give everything your skin needs.


Remember these points:

There aren’t any disadvantages I can think of but there are a few precautions you should pay heed to. They are –

Do not expect this cream to cure any diseases
You should avoid using it with a doctor’s prescribed cream
Do not accept the package if tampered
Check the expiration on the bottle before using it
Close the lid to prevent contamination
Keep the product out of reach of children

Where to buy DermaFolia?

Generally, there is no trial given per se but the makers of DermaFolia made an exception and are distributing free trial bottles with shipping charges of $4.50 which is nonrefundable. You will be able to use this cream and you can pay for it if you like it or simply return it. The return has to be initiated within 14 days of its delivery or you will owe them the full amount.

You can click on the image given on this web page and you will be redirected to the brand’s official website. You can avail yourself of the product or the trial offer just by filling up a form with your name and address. Get this beauty and get your beauty back.


I totally benefitted from DermaFolia and the best part I like about it is the fragrance. It has an amazing smell and that is why I apply it twice a day. The texture is also rich and creamy and absorbs into the skin immediately. With a number of oils it had, I thought this product will be heavy but surprisingly, it’s not. It added a dewy look to my skin as well and I really liked using it and you should too if you want to get rid of your skin problems.

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