Intelleral – Maintains Your Natural Focus & Memory Recall!

The 21st century is the most competitive century and with an increasing population, the competition is also increasing. Everyone has to be a multitasker and the busy life and stress take a toll on our brain. We take multiple vitamin and proteins for our body but that does not mean they work effectively for the brain.

To boost my cognitive abilities and take them to a new level I tried the Intelleral. It helped in improving my concentration and focus. The mental fatigue that used to hamper my thinking and decision making capability is gone. I feel refreshed and active all day long.

What is Intelleral?

It is an all-natural brain boosting supplement specially designed for adults to boost their cognitive abilities. It is marketed as the prominent “FOCUS AMPLIFIER”.It helps in assisting the brain to increase its efficiency.

It starts working after one hour you take it and keeps your brain super focused for the next 5 to 6 hours.

Clinical studies conducted by the manufacturers have shown significant improvement in the efficiency of the volunteers. None of the volunteers were a patient of ADHD. According to the research, these individuals saw following changes:

Sustained attention
Spatial Working memory
Response and inhibition
What makes it so potent?

The unique ingredient of this pill is WGCP – whole Green Coffee powder. Unlike another supplement, the makers of Intelleral use raw coffee powder to preserve the amount of chlorogenic acid. It also contains antioxidants and natural fiber.

This balanced proportions of the ingredients make it powerful and potent.

Why they used WGCP?

The reason for making coffee as the primary ingredient is because it is a super food when used in its raw form. Usually, the coffee we get is roasted to elevate the taste and during roasting, a lot of antioxidants and fiber are burned up. This loss may elevate the taste but it loses its key components that make it a superfood.

Why is it so effective?

The manufacturers have used cutting edge technology to design this pill. Sustained release formula is what makes it a lot more effective. When you drink the normal coffee, the caffeine is immediately distributed in our body we feel the rush of energy for a short time and pretty quickly the effect goes away. But with this supplement, you get the release of coffee at a regular pace continuously for 5 to 7 hours. Thus making it highly potent and effective.

Are there any side effects?

No, as stated above all the ingredients are made with clinically approved coffee beans extract and the manufacturers have assured that no filler, binder or chemical has been used in this process. This makes this brain boosting pill extremely safe and effective.

Last but not the least all the ingredients pass through various quality parameters before being added into the formulation.

Where to buy?

Intelleral is available on its official website. To make a purchase please click on the link below.


In a nutshell, intelleral is a perfect supplement to help avoid the mental fatigue and fog that comes with growing age or too much stress. It is a natural cognitive ability booster that helps in boosting the cognitive power. It helps in increasing the focus and memory retention ability. It contains the whole Green coffee powder and it does not contain.

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