5 culinary ways to heal the heart

Let’s figure out how to improve the heart with the help of some products. Add flavor, texture and zest with heart-healthy ingredients/ If you have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, your doctor has probably already advised you to start eating a healthy diet. The good news is that satisfying your taste buds with a heart-healthy diet is easy.

Many foods you like are not banned. Healthy herbs and spices add a strong and savory flavor, juicy nuts add texture and butteriness, and teas add brightness and antioxidants. Michael Fenster, MD, Interventional Cardiologist and Gourmet Chef shares tips for making delicious meals that strengthen the heart. This diet is part of a healthy lifestyle that will reduce the risk of heart disease. As well as high blood pressure, the risk of heart attack or stroke.

1. Discover taste and texture with herbs and spices

Most modern food contains a lot of salt and fat instead of other spices and herbs.

A side effect is a weakening of the taste buds

Dr. Mike says.

If you’re new to herb and spice cooking, start with basic ingredients like basil, oregano, and thyme. Crushed chili peppers, garlic and cilantro add a Mexican or South American flavor. Coriander, ginger and pepper evoke sweet and spicy Asian flavors. Try new dishes and experiment with recipes at home to make a list of your favorite seasonings.

Add crushed chili peppers for a Mediterranean staple. The possibilities are not only endless, but also endlessly delicious.

adds Dr. Mike.

2. Choose vegetarian recipes

Nothing ruins a meal like a dull side dish. Use vegetables as a side dish for meat, fish, beans, or poultry. Cooked wild salmon tastes better when paired with Brussels sprouts.

Replace the usual harmful side dish with vegetables

Mike advises.5 culinary ways to heal the heart

When shopping at the grocery store or farmer’s market, choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. In winter, citrus fruits are widely available. It is a great addition to salads, dressings and sauces. Hearty root vegetables like sweet potatoes, pumpkin pulp, parsnips, kale, beets, and turnips add a sweet and nutty flavor to snacks during the cold season.

3. Cook a savory soup

Broth is the base of any soup or sauce, so it’s important to load it with as many nutrients as possible. Prepare the soup yourself, do not use harmful cubes and mixtures. Fill the soup with plenty of carrots and celery, cabbage and broccoli stalks. Use herbs and spices to limit the amount of salt. Add lemon peel for great flavor.

To make healthy chicken broth, Dr. Mike recommends cutting the chicken into four pieces: two breasts and two thighs and legs. Toss them, skinless, into a pot of vegetable broth. One of the most important things is not only the sparing use of all the pieces, but also the fat, huge amount of salt and other sodium compounds that you eliminate when preparing such a dish.

4. Include nuts in your diet

Nuts add flavor and texture to dishes. Studies have shown that nuts such as almonds, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Raw or dry-roasted nuts are the most heart-healthy because they do not contain added oils or harmful fats.

Many cuisines use nuts as the main ingredient. Peanuts are used in sauces or seasonings in Chinese, Thai and African dishes. Macadamia nuts add a sensual buttery flavor to freshly made mahimahams. Almonds and walnuts are traditionally used in many European and Mediterranean dishes.

You get different flavors by adding raw chopped or crushed nuts as a garnish topping versus roasted

Dr. Mike says.

5. Use tea in broths and sauces

We drink tea in the morning for breakfast or before bed, but have you tried cooking with tea? The unique flavor characteristics of the tea make it ideal for all types of preparation. Tea contains powerful antioxidants that lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Green and black teas are the most effective in promoting heart health because they contain beneficial properties. Tea can be used as a base for broth or sauce.

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