Arugula salad with goat cheese

Introducing another delicious, simple and healthy recipe – arugula salad with goat cheese from the fitness and health magazine BudoFit.

cherry tomatoes (or regular);
2 cloves of garlic;
balsamic vinegar;
goat cheese;
sugar and salt to taste.Arugula salad with goat cheese

Cooking method:
Lettuce begins to cook by frying in vegetable oil for 3-4 minutes. 250 gr. tomatoes. Small cherry tomatoes are sent to the pan whole, ordinary – chopped.
When the tomatoes are soft, add 2-4 teaspoons of sugar and salt (to taste) to them. Sprinkle two cloves of grated garlic on top.
After 2 minutes, when the sugar begins to caramelize, remove the tomatoes and garlic. In the liquid in the pan, add 1 tbsp. spoon of balsamic vinegar and temporarily set this dressing aside.
Cut into pieces 200 gr. goat cheese, put it in a hot pan and for 1 minute. wait until the product melts a little (it is not necessary to turn the cheese).
And finally, mix all the ingredients: arugula, on it – tomatoes, garlic and goat cheese. Top with dressing.

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