Eating plums correctly

Plums contain a large selection of vitamins and minerals that are vital for our health. In general, the benefits of the fruit are difficult to overestimate. Fruits contain vitamin C, which is essential for our body’s immunity.

The presence of a large amount of fiber in fruits can improve intestinal function and accelerate weight loss. In addition, plums are a source of potassium, which not only has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, but also helps remove excess fluid from the body.Eating plums correctly

Nutritionists recommend that women over 45 years of age systematically consume plums, as they have an ideal balance of phosphorus, calcium, as well as phenolic and flavonoid compounds that strengthen the skeletal system. They claim that plums and prunes can stop bone loss in postmenopausal women.

Still, you should not consume large amounts of plums; the recommended dose is 150 grams per day. It is better to eat them between meals, or with cereals and salads.

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