Foods for weight gain: How to build muscle

To gain weight, you need to eat enough during the day so that the body can absorb more calories than was burned. Diet is a key factor when choosing foods for weight gain.

But be careful when choosing foods that promote weight gain. Especially if you are trying to limit the accumulation of fat in the body as much as possible. Here are a few tips to help build muscle with quality products.

Various Weight Gain Solutions
If you find it difficult to consume more calories than you use during your main meal, you can resort to snacking during the day in the morning, afternoon, or shortly before bedtime. To gain weight and build muscle, you need to eat more calories than you burn.

It is recommended to consume approximately 500 calories more to increase weight and limit fat accumulation. However, be careful. Eat good quality foods to stay healthy. Do not eat foods that are saturated with sugars and fats.

A calorie surplus is the best solution to help you gain weight and build muscle as quickly as possible. In addition to a higher calorie diet, exercise also plays an important role in weight gain.

Intense and regular training will help build muscle and gain weight. Muscle is heavier than fat at an equivalent density, allowing for a more athletic physique at a higher weight. Without training, you will simply gain fat and gain an unhealthy weight.

Products for weight gain

sweet potato
whole pasta
brown rice

All of these foods are excellent sources of low glycemic carbohydrates. They are also effective for digestion and provide the body with energy, reducing fatigue.Foods for weight gain: How to build muscle


whole milk
cottage cheese
turkey or chicken
lean red meat

Protein contributes to the maintenance and development of muscle mass. White meats such as turkey or chicken are high in protein and low in fat, making them a favorite source of protein for bodybuilders.

You can use protein powders to meet your protein needs. In addition, the consumption of quality sources of protein from meat or whey protein leads to significant improvements in weight gain and muscle mass.


Coconut oil

Nuts and nut butter are a great source of energy and contain a high dose of unsaturated fats. Nuts also contain many essential micronutrients such as selenium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and various minerals.

Food supplements to help you gain weight
If you want to easily increase your calorie intake, there are carbohydrate and calorie rich food supplements. These are protein bars that can be consumed as a snack. There are gainers with higher or lower calorie and carb dosages to help replenish the diet. But in general, give preference to quality food to avoid the accumulation of unwanted fat. Nutritional supplements, bars and dietary supplements are only an addition to the main meal and cannot replace it.

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