Healing properties of viburnum

It is impossible to ignore the viburnum, the fruits of which contain a lot of organic acids, including ascorbic. In addition, it contains tannins and vitamins. There is a bitter glycoside in viburnum. For this reason, only a few can consume it fresh. Do not forget about the contraindications that apply to pregnant women and those who are prone to thrombosis, as well as those who have increased blood clotting.

But viburnum can be consumed by everyone else, using various additives. To normalize metabolic processes and meet the body’s needs for vitamin C, it is enough to consume one tablespoon of this berry per day. An infusion of these berries has a calming and restorative effect, so it is useful for those suffering from neurosis, vasospasm and hypertension. If you have a cold and have a strong cough, and your voice is hoarse, it is recommended to take a warm decoction of viburnum berries with honey. To prepare it you will need:Healing properties of viburnum

Grind two tablespoons of berries in an enamel bowl.
Pour a glass of hot boiled water.
Keep the infusion closed for fifteen minutes over low heat.
Strain the broth and take 1/3 cup three to four times a day before meals.

Be healthy by eating viburnum.

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