Healing properties of watermelon

Who among us does not love a juicy and sweet berry called watermelon? Watermelon is an excellent diuretic. It is recommended to use it for puffiness associated with cardiovascular diseases, with diseases of the liver, kidneys and with anemia. The pulp of this striped berry

activates the processes of digestion,
neutralizes excess acids,
participates in the regulation of fat metabolism,Healing properties of watermelon
has an anti-sclerotic effect.

Suffering from angina, watermelon juice is advised to gargle. The same should be done with tuberculosis. If you pass watermelon seeds through a meat grinder and then grind them with milk, then such a remedy can be used to stop bleeding, or as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for intestinal parasites. With watermelon pulp, you can prepare lotions that should be used for skin diseases – it is applied to the affected areas. For headaches and migraine attacks, you can tie a thick watermelon peel to your forehead and temples. If you use watermelon systematically, then you will be able to normalize sleep and find peace of mind.

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