How to tell if mayonnaise has gone bad

If you notice that mayonnaise has changed color, smell or taste, then it is better not to eat it. Signs of spoilage may also include the appearance of mold, gas bubbles or liquid on the surface of the sauce. If you feel bitterness or acidity in your mouth after eating mayonnaise, then most likely it has gone bad.

Spoiled mayonnaise can cause stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or an allergic reaction. Therefore, you should not risk your health and eat a dubious product. It’s better to throw it away and buy a new one or make your own.How to tell if mayonnaise has gone bad

Mayonnaise is a sauce that will enrich any dish. Don’t forget that it can harm your health and figure if you abuse it or store it incorrectly. Be careful what you eat and be healthy!

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