Pre-workout booster: What it is and how to take it

The Pre-Workout Booster is a nutritional supplement made up of stimulating ingredients that provide more energy before an intense workout. For example, before weight training. As the name suggests, this is a supplement that should be taken before a workout to get the benefits of exercise. Most pre-workout formulas contain:

beta-alanine or amino acids.

Why take a pre-workout booster?
Taking pre-workout boosters can have a positive effect on strength and athletic performance. As well as focusing attention and combating fatigue. These effects depend on the composition of the boosters:

1. Caffeine
According to scientific studies, caffeine can increase alertness, improve well-being, concentration, and mood. And even reduce depression. However, caffeine can interfere with sleep for some people. Caffeine can also improve weight maintenance by increasing thermogenesis, fat oxidation, and energy intake.

2. Creatine
This is a nutritional supplement that can increase strength and performance during short, intense workouts.

3. CarnitinePre-workout booster: What it is and how to take it
Helps transport fatty acid chains in the mitochondrial matrix, allowing cells to break down fats for energy.

4. Citrulline Malate
Able to positively influence the athletic performance of athletes, slowing down fatigue during excessive or prolonged physical activity.

5. Beta-alanine
May improve physical activity as well as biochemical parameters associated with muscle fatigue.

6. B vitamins
They help to regulate hormonal activity, the normal functioning of the immune system, and reduce fatigue. Contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system, as well as the qualitative metabolism of proteins and glycogen.

7. Vitamin C
Promotes immune defense by supporting several cellular functions of the immune system.

8. Arginine
This amino acid is thought to be a precursor to nitric oxide synthesis, which can increase muscle hyperemia.

Can I take a booster every day?
It is not recommended to take a booster every day because the body quickly gets used to stimulants such as caffeine. Therefore, it is better to take a pre-workout booster 1-2 times a week during the most intense workouts in order to enjoy the effect for as long as possible.

Consult a fitness trainer and physician before taking any dietary supplement.

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