Ryazhenka is a special drink

Ryazhenka is a fermented milk product made from baked cow’s milk with the addition of fermented milk bacteria such as thermophilic lactic acid streptococci and Bulgarian bacillus.

Ryazhenka is easy to prepare yourself. But if you buy a finished product, then you need to pay attention to the following points:

the correct color of the product is light cream, similar to the color of baked milk, as uniform as possible, without any streaks;Ryazhenka is a special drink
signs of fermentation (swollen packaging, formation of bubbles on the surface of the drink) indicate that the temperature conditions were not maintained during transportation or storage, so the microflora in the product began to change, it is better not to buy such a product;
the drink should be homogeneous, it should not separate and have no lumps;
packaging must be sealed and without damage;
Shelf life: the natural product cannot be stored for more than seven days.

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