Sports nutrition kit: What, how and why to take

It will not be superfluous to add a set of sports nutrition to the daily diet of active and caring people. On this topic, there are many options in which everyone will find a product suitable for themselves.

All sports supplements are divided into main groups according to their purpose and manufacturer. Let’s figure out what sports supplements to take, how and why to do it.

If the task is to get the necessary energy boost for a couple of hours without gaining muscle mass, you should pay attention to sports energy drinks (isotonics). Such complexes are available in the form of soluble powders, in capsules and in the form of bars. What to choose – everyone decides for himself.

Pre-Workout Booster
For professional weightlifting and athletics, before training, you can take pre-workout complexes that will help you tune in to maximum efficiency. The main thing is to carefully read the composition, dosage and how to take it in order to prevent a negative effect.

Set of muscle massSports nutrition kit: What, how and why to take
If the goal is to gain muscle mass, then you can choose from a dozen different foods. The main ones are protein, carbohydrates, creatine and amino acids (BCAA). Protein is a necessary protein-containing supplement, which is responsible for the rapid delivery of the substance to the muscles and without which you cannot get muscle growth. It is easily absorbed by the body. You can take protein both before and after training. You should also take into account the high calorie content of the product.

Slow carbs
Slow carbohydrates are responsible for maintaining blood sugar levels and burning unnecessary fat. The main advantage is the uniform and long-term receipt of the necessary glucose by the body.

Lean muscles without subcutaneous fat
To get high strength performance and a set of lean muscle mass without subcutaneous fat deposits, take creatine. Its reception will increase the duration and productivity of the upcoming workout. The recommended daily dose is 5 grams. However, do not attempt to take creatine without consulting a specialist.

Sports amino acids are produced in ready-made complexes that are responsible for anabolism and rapid cell recovery. The body does not synthesize some amino acids on its own, which BCAA supplements do very well.

test boosters
To support men’s health, they release nutrition to increase testosterone. It is made from natural ingredients. Test boosters help in building muscle, give a surge of energy and stimulate libido. The main thing to consider is that an excess of this additive can cause irritability and aggression.

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