Tea for constipation and side effects

Teas sold specifically for the treatment of constipation are for short-term use only. Long-term use of these products may have risks. For example, your intestines are at risk of becoming addicted to these foods, and as a result, you will experience intestinal disorders of a different nature. Among other things, constipation is a symptom of a more serious disease that is not cured by laxatives alone.

Talk to your doctor if you have constipation associated with a chronic condition. Your doctor may recommend some laxatives that are taken more regularly. However, it is recommended to take laxatives of any type as little as possible.Tea for constipation and side effects

Be sure to research the potential long-term side effects of any herbal product you plan to take. For example, long-term use of cascara and senna can cause liver damage.

Herbal teas may interact with medications you are taking. If you are taking prescription medication, be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist before using laxative tea.


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