The benefits and harms of ryazhenka

Due to the presence of valuable elements in its composition, the drink has many beneficial properties for human health, namely:

An easily digestible milk protein consisting of amino acids, which, in turn, are necessary for the synthesis of tissues, hormones, enzymes, and other substances in the human body.
Calcium and phosphorus are some of the main minerals that are abundant in fermented baked milk. They strengthen the skeletal system and teeth, play an important role in energy production, muscle function, and maintaining acid-base balance.The benefits and harms of ryazhenka
A large number of beneficial bacteria that regulate intestinal function, help get rid of constipation, stop diarrhea, improve the intestinal absorption of vitamins and strengthen the immune system.
Vitamins D and E play an important role for the immune system, fighting free radicals that can damage cells.
Vitamin PP promotes the secretion of gastric juice and helps reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.
Ryazhenka contains healthy cholesterol, which is necessary for the formation of vitamin D, bile acids and a number of hormones (especially sex hormones).
Relatively low in calories, depending on the fat content, 100 g of the drink contains from 50 to 65 calories. Ryazhenka helps normalize appetite and easily satisfies hunger. Therefore, it can be consumed without fear during weight loss and weight maintenance.


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