What to use fermented baked milk with?

Ryazhenka with berries is a vitamin cocktail. You can use both fresh and pre-thawed raspberries, currants, strawberries, cranberries, etc.

The nutritional value of the drink will be added by flax or chia seeds, absorbing moisture from fermented baked milk, they swell, forming a thick consistency. To get the most benefit, the seeds should be crushed before adding. If desired, you can add any fruit puree, berries or pieces of fruit to fermented baked milk with seeds. The average calorie content of such a dessert with chia will be about 100 kcal per 100 g.What to use fermented baked milk with?

You can make various smoothies from fermented baked milk. To do this, use a blender to combine it with seasonal fruits and/or berries. As an experiment, you can prepare a vegetable smoothie based on fermented baked milk. For example, combine it with spinach, lettuce and fresh herbs.

In addition, this fermented milk drink is perfect for preparing various soufflés or desserts with gelatin. For example, chocolate-banana soufflé, where fermented baked milk is combined with cocoa, banana, sweetener and gelatin. This version of a low-calorie dessert without added sugar is perfect for those who want to lose weight, because it is a tasty and at the same time healthy dessert.

Enjoy this delicious drink, it’s not only tasty, but also healthy!

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