When to salt meat when cooking?

Boiled meat is a versatile ingredient that can be used to prepare soups, main courses, appetizers and salads. It should be soft, juicy and aromatic. To do this, you need to choose the right type and quality of meat, as well as follow certain cooking rules.

One of these rules is when to salt meat. There are two main approaches to this issue:When to salt meat when cooking?

Salt the meat before cooking. This method is suitable for preparing broth or jellied meat. Salt helps to extract more juice and fat from the meat, which enrich the broth with flavor and aroma. In addition, salt accelerates the process of protein coagulation in meat, which makes it denser and more elastic. This is good for jellied meat, which should freeze well.
Salt the meat at the end of cooking. This method is used to prepare meat for salad or slicing. Salt prevents the juice and fat from escaping from the meat, which preserves its juiciness and tenderness. In addition, salt does not speed up the coagulation of protein in meat, which makes it softer and easier to separate from the bone.

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