When to salt meat when frying?

Fried meat is one of the most popular and favorite dishes. It should be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. To do this, you need to choose the right type of meat, as well as follow certain cooking rules.

One of these rules is when to salt meat. There are two options:When to salt meat when frying?

Salt the meat before frying. This method is suitable for cooking whole meat, such as steak, meatloaf or casserole. Salt helps to form an appetizing crust on the surface of the meat, which protects it from drying out and retains the juice and aroma inside. Salt also improves the color and texture of meat, making it more attractive.
Salt the meat at the end of frying. This method is suitable for cooking meat that is cut into pieces, such as kebab, cutlets or goulash. Salt prevents juice and fat from escaping from the meat, which preserves the juiciness and tenderness of the dish. In addition, salt does not accelerate the coagulation of protein in meat, which makes it softer.

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