Fashion food

New trends have also touched on nutrition. Fashionable food is largely driven by the desire for a healthy lifestyle.

So what is offered as an alternative to traditional nutrition?

That’s a lot of options. For example, milkshakes, a raw food diet, germinated cereals and even “sun eating” ..! Let’s take a look at some of the options above.

Milkshakes are a storehouse of antioxidants and calcium. If you add fruits or berries to them, then this significantly increases their vitamin composition. The taste of such milk drinks is pleasant, which can lead to their uncontrolled consumption, and this threatens with extra calories. So try to eat low-fat dairy products. Habitual cow’s milk can be replaced with goat’s, sheep’s and even soy. Sugar is not added to such cocktails to preserve the benefits of the drink.

Fruit smoothies successfully suppress hunger due to the fiber found in fruits and berries. This will save you from extra snacks. To prepare such a cocktail, you will need a minimum of products: natural, freshly squeezed fruit juice is better, and yogurt, which are taken in equal proportions. To cool the finished cocktail, you can add pieces of ice.

raw food diet
If we talk about raw products, they must be fresh and of high quality. According to those who adhere to this diet, foods that are not subjected to heat treatment retain more vitamins and minerals. Moreover, chewing such food takes more time. This means that you have to eat longer, and the amount eaten decreases.Fashion food

It is advisable to eat at least one fruit and vegetable daily. If you cannot completely get rid of fish and meat, then eat them once a week. It is better to eat boiled or steamed fish or meat, and always with vegetables and herbs.

In order to strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to consume exotic seasonings. They not only improve the taste of dishes, but also have an antiseptic effect. Follow the rules for storing them – it should be a dark and dry place, and a tightly closed container. Such condiments include

turmeric, etc.

germinated cereals
Another trend in nutrition that involves a raw food diet is germinated cereals. When they germinate, there is an increase in the activity of enzymes, which also means an increase in vitamins and other useful substances. Sprouted cereals energize and increase tone.

herbal infusions
Well, and of course, we can not say about herbal teas, which are very useful for the body. Choose fresh herbs from drugstores, carefully study their purpose and strictly follow the preparation instructions.

Of course, you should not frantically follow fashion if you have decided to make fundamental changes in your diet. Please consult with your doctor and nutritionist first. Otherwise, following fashion, you risk harming your body.

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