Secret ingredient for frying: oil or lard?

Many of us are accustomed to frying in ordinary refined vegetable oil, which has no odor. But if you want to give your soup a special charm, try using butter or lard. They will give the sauté a rich taste that goes well with meat broth.

Another important point that affects the quality of frying is the order in which you place the vegetables in the pan. Many housewives think that they need to start with onions and then add carrots. But that’s not true! Onions fry faster than carrots, so if you start frying the onions first, they will be overcooked, and the carrots, on the contrary, will be undercooked. Therefore, there are only two correct ways:

Secret ingredient for frying: oil or lard?
omelet with croutons on a black plate, wooden table

fry vegetables at the same time;
First add the carrots, and only then the onions.
Only fry the onions first when you want a rich flavor and a crispy crust. In just 5-10 minutes you will get the “requested result”.


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