When to add roast to soup?

If you followed all the rules and you got an appetizing fry, then you just have to decide when to add it to the pan. It all depends on your personal taste and preferences. But we recommend doing this at the end, 3-5 minutes before the soup is ready.

That’s basically the whole process. But if you want to experiment and improve your frying, try adding tomato paste and other additives: bell pepper or herbs. Thanks to tomato paste, your soup will acquire a beautiful rich color, bell peppers will add sweetness and juiciness to the dressing, and greens will add aroma.

At the end of the article, we present a simple recipe for frying soup with the addition of a “secret” ingredient – tomato paste. For this you will need the following ingredients:When to add roast to soup?

carrots – 1 piece;
onion – 1 piece;
tomato paste – 1 sachet;
salt, pepper – to taste.

Heat a frying pan, pour in a sufficient amount of vegetable oil and add the pre-grated carrots. Fry for about 5 minutes and stir all the time. Then add the diced onion into the frying pan and fry the dressing for no more than 2-3 minutes. Pour in tomato paste diluted with water. Add salt and pepper and after frying for a short time, add the dressing to the soup.


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