You can save food without a refrigerator!

You can save food without a refrigerator! It happens that you have to live without a refrigerator for a while. For example, in the country or when moving to a new apartment, which has not yet been furnished. The situation is especially acute in summer, because in winter you can take food to the balcony, where they will be stored almost like in a refrigerator. And in the summer it can only exacerbate the situation. Moreover, improper storage of perishable foods can be harmful to health and lead to food poisoning.

What foods spoil quickly?
Products that most people cannot do without and that quickly deteriorate include:

meat and fish.

To save milk, you must first boil it, add a little sugar and a pinch of baking soda. Storage is done in covered earthenware or in a glass vessel. The container must be placed in a large pot of cold water. Remember to change the water once a day. Even better, if you cover the dishes with gauze or a napkin soaked in cold water, lowering their edges into the water.You can save food without a refrigerator!

Butter storage is also related to water. It is necessary to repack the bar of butter (it is desirable that it weighs about 150-200 grams, if more, then it should be divided into equal pieces) in baking paper (parchment). Make sure the product is well packaged. Place the oil in a basin or any other deep dish of cold salted water. Cover the top with a lid. Water should be changed two to three times a day.

Preserving the quality of cheese is much easier. Put it in a glass jar, and put a saucer of water on top.

Some people never use the refrigerator to store eggs, and in the store this product is often just on the shelves. However, it is possible to extend the shelf life of this product. For example, you can use the following method: brush eggs with fat or egg white, let dry a little and wrap in paper. In a dark, cool place, put a basket or box and put the eggs there.

There is another option: the eggs are first dipped in boiling water (it is advisable to first put them in a net so that they are in the water for the same amount of time) for about five seconds, and then they are moved to cold water, not allowing to cool. After that, dry them or let them dry on their own. Transfer the eggs to a dry glass jar, narrow side up.

Without a refrigerator, it will not be possible to preserve meat for a long time, but two or three days is enough for many to have time to cook it. You only need to get curdled milk and an enamel pot if you don’t have them. Dry a piece of meat with a paper towel, place in a bowl (enamelled) and pour yogurt. Put in a cool place. Top with a plate and put oppression. Another option for preserving the product is to rub the meat with salt, this will slow down the growth of bacteria.

The last product is fish. It is enough to simply keep it at home, but, as in the situation with meat, it cannot be left without a refrigerator for a long time. The fish must first be completely rid of the internal organs. Then, after drying with a paper towel or napkin, rub on all sides with salt and black pepper. Next, hang the product in a cool, ventilated place with a draft.

With these tips, you can go a few days without a refrigerator. Good luck!

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